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Diversified Associates, LLC. is a professional service organization, founded in 1989 as a Quality Improvement Consulting Firm. It has since evolved into a wide variety of professional services for organizations and individuals. We are a family-oriented business seeking growth opportunities in the fields of service we provide. We are seeking individuals that are willing to grow with us and aspire to build our organization with people who are positive, ambitious, customer-oriented, professional, and team-oriented. 

A Word from our CEO

Hi, I'm Jeff Stewart  --  CEO of Diversified Associates, LLC.

In today's world of an uncertain economy, we all encounter money-related issues; and navigating through the complexities of managing personal or business finances can be overwhelming. 

As many of us are approaching (or perhaps experiencing) retirement, 

we want to ensure that we have a "nest egg" that will support our families.

If you are struggling to make solid financial decisions, Diversified Associates is here to assist. Give us a call so that we can schedule a time convenient for you to discuss options in securing your financial future and well being.

- Jeff Stewart

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